Mr. Peter Grant, Patents and Trademarks Librarian enjoying the Huggmee® Chair -  with BOTH legs up.


Patent and Trademark Resource Center 

    The Huggmee® Chair is on exhibit in the Patent and Trademark Resource Center (PTRC) at the State Library of Arizona, located in the State Capitol.   Mr. Peter Grant, Patents and Trademarks Librarian at the library, noticed the Huggmee® Chair at the last Arizona Library Association conference in Tucson in November, 2016.  After sitting in one of the chairs, he commented to Alice Wright, Vice President of Sales of the Huggmee® Chair Co. LLC, on what a neat product it was.  After learning about the product's development, Peter asked if the story could be shared to educate and inspire the inventors and entrepreneurs who visit the library.  As a result, the chair along with an informative video about its development, was put on display.       Another librarian, after sitting in one of the chairs at the show, expressed amazement that, even though chairs have been around almost as long as humanity, someone has actually come out with a truly novel way to design one - almost unbelievable!     Wherever this chair is exhibited, it attracts attention because it is something people have never seen before.  So, they want to try it out for themselves.  Even at the State Library, Peter Grant said it has met with such enthusiasm that he decided to move it to a more accessible location within the room.     The Huggmee® Chair was a casual invention by someone who needed a chair that would allow him to drape a leg over the arm of a chair without twisting his spine.  The inventor, Pete Splingaerd, developed a kink in his spine and had to go a chiropractor to get straightened out.  He did not realize how he got the kink until he went home and sat in his favorite reading chair again.  It was then that he knew he needed to design a chair
to accommodate his sling-a-leg way of sitting.  He started out with a drawing of his favorite chair and moved the arms around to suit his way of sitting.  Then he balanced the chair by matching the two sides.     Curious to see how it would work, he built one out of plywood and hung bags of waste nylon fabric on the arms and seat.  It worked!  The design was good but he was not an upholsterer, so he asked an upholsterer friend to build four chairs, with Pete supplying the frames.  Immediately, two daughters of close friends saw and sat in the chairs, and each demanded one.  So, he gave away two of the chairs.  But Pete had one to sit in and he was happy...until after he retired.  His wife told him he should make and sell the chair because it was truly novel.  Pete was alarmed because his wife was not aware of what was involved in developing a product for mass production and especially for market.  She was not aware of how difficult it would be to introduce a new product to market.  But since he was retired, he decided to humor her.  It took him 10 years of part-time tinkering during which time he built more than 50 chairs, each one a little different from its predecessor.     When he started to advertise on the web and in trade magazines, he began to get orders.  After filling the first 5-chair order, he decided he definitely needed a factory to build them for him and he did not want to own a factory anymore.  So, he and his wife went looking for a factory and found one in Glendale, AZ, where all Huggmee® Chairs are made today.  To maintain an affordable wholesale price, the chairs continue to be sold only through the website rather than in retail stores.